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An accelerated learning model for districts and schools of all sizes

As schools confront catastrophic learning loses, we offer a comprehensive partnership to deliver accelerated learning—whether in person or remotely. Today. Affordably.

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We offer a warm and personal learning environment in which students experience a sense of social connection and engagement with both teachers and peers.

Mentor TEACHERS, chosen from across the country—or from the ranks of your own teachers—for their record of moving kids academically fast and delivering exceptionally engaging instruction, work closely with teachers from our partner districts and networks. Learn more about our mentor teachers.

Every day the mentor teacher delivers the day's lesson to his or her own students.

PARTNER TEACHERS from participating schools work intimately with no more than 30 students from their own community.

Each partner teacher holds an opening meeting every day to build a community that offers their children a sense of belonging and a place to be heard. Then, deeply informed by a video of the mentor's lesson, and equipped with all of the mentor's teaching tools—the detailed lesson plan, presentation slides, and student-facing materials—the partner teacher is set to deliver an exceptionally effective class.

State-of-the art instruction in the critical gateway skills of reading, math, and science are at the heart of the program.

Accelerated learning


Great instruction is the core of exceptional learning. Every day, students participate in expertly planned, live math and ELA classes—virtually or in-person.

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English Language Arts

Discussion of outstanding, culturally responsive literature is at the heart of Cadence's ELA program. The close reading of related nonfiction texts builds essential background knowledge, and students pursue their own emerging curiosities by reading abundantly books of their choice.

NOVEL STUDIES. Reading and discussing an exceptional novel, students discover the deep pleasures of great writing, develop their voice, and build critical thinking skills that they can apply to any novel they read.

CLOSE READING. Like literary detectives, students set out to unpack the meaning of challenging fiction and nonfiction texts of exceptional merit. Their reward: access to the work's deepest insights and claims on our imagination. Newly equipped, they stand ready to tackle above-grade level works on their own with confidence and precision, appreciative of the author's craft and artistry.


At the core of Cadence's math program is cognitively guided instruction (CGI), fostering deep conceptual understanding and critical thinking. We supplement CGI with explicit standards-based teaching and fluency practice.

MATH STORIES. In Math Stories, students explore a single problem, devise their own approaches, and contrast them with their classmates’ solutions. In the discourse, children see how each approach arrived at the same answer. The beauty of math is revealed, and deep conceptual understanding is built. Students are excited to engage a more efficient procedure next time.

SKILLS-BASED MATH. In NSSI 2021, Math Stories will newly be complemented with a second period of math devoted to mastery of essential grade-level math skills (the power standards essential to success in the next grade), extensive practice and generalization, and math fluency. Students grapple with a new problem or idea before the key concept is stamped. Students then have the opportunity to practice similar problems with supportive feedback from their teacher. Delete Fluency Practice.

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Experience Cadence

Comparing strategies for efficiency

Will Roble’s fifth-grade students compare and contrast their mathematical strategies—and build deep conceptual understanding.


Students 2 Science (grades 6-8) and BioBus (grades 3-5) provide students with a virtual laboratory sciences experience. Sessions begin by introducing the subject and background material and then begins the experiment. The lesson then turns to local teachers and students to anticipate the experiment's outcome. At lesson's end, the class returns to the scientist; the results are revealed and key conclusions are drawn. Skills developed include critical thinking, problem-solving, data analytics, and collaboration, and students see science as an exciting pathway to 21st-century jobs.  

  • Enrichment

    End isolation and build relationships through vibrant enrichment activities. Build your own offerings, or choose from ours.

At your option, complement daily live instruction with the best self-directed learning platforms.

Self-directed learning

DREAMBOX. DreamBox’s adaptive learning engine meets each student’s need by continually assessing thousands of data points throughout each lesson. DreamBox prescribes rigorous, standards-aligned math lessons for each student.

EXACT PATH. Exact Path combines adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning pathways to promote growth for K-12 grade students in math, reading, and language arts. Exact Path tailors learning to each student’s academic goals.

LEXIA. Lexia’s research-proven Core5 program provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, targeting skill gaps as they emerge. Lexia PowerUp Literacy is designed to help struggling and nearly-proficient readers in grades 6–12 become proficient readers and confident learners.

NEWSELA. Newsela takes authentic content from the world's most trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that are classroom-ready.

SORA. Sora is a safe student ereader app for schools developed by OverDrive, the app used by most public libraries in the United States.


In Summer 2021, choose one of two sessions that fits your schedule. Each begins with a Teacher Institute for all participating staff.

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