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Excellent teacher-led instruction. Every day. We offer a comprehensive platform to deliver exceptional virtual instruction—immediately, and at little to no cost.

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Your teachers. Your schedule. No new costs.

Deliver outstanding synchronous instruction, every day

The core of any effective distance learning program? Excellent live instruction in English Language Arts and math. 

We equip your teachers with exceptional teaching resources: complete lesson videos, detailed lesson plans, presentation slides, and student-facing materials.

Everything they need to lead vibrant, engaging classes focused on critical thinking and intellectual discovery. Every day.

Your teachers. Your schedule. No new costs.

Ongoing teacher support and community

Through our unique model, your teachers work with our award-winning mentor teachers. 

Your teachers receive unparalleled guidance and support through intellectual preparation and student work analysis. We complement that core with unlimited personalized learning from Lexia, Dreambox, and Edmentum. And exciting enrichment activities, including laboratory science, dance, and yoga.

Thanks to our national education funders, all this is now free. And available today.

Parents tell us

The teachers are extremely encouraging and accessible. I really appreciate them.

My daughter has shown an amazing change in her participation in family discussions. If my husband and I are talking about current events, she has opinions based on things she’s read.

I was surprised at her interest in the book that was assigned. I caught her reading the novel at midnight. As soon as the library reopened she asked to get the book from the library. She completed the book immediately and then began writing and illustrating her own book.

I love the extra options that they have for my son to choose from. He is so excited about learning another language. It's optional and he is choosing to do it.

In good company

Cadence Learning (NSSI) earns “excellent” Net Promoter Score from very enthusiastic parents.

The Net Promoter Score is a standard measure of customer loyalty that examines the distribution of ardent “promoters” and “detractors” of the organization. Scores range from -100 to +100; a score above 50 is considered excellent.

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Teachers tell us

I love the rigor! I didn't think my kids could handle it but they stepped up. They weren't challenged by our distance learning after the quarantine. One child in particular, who had done poorly during the school year, was surprising. He was always a goof-off. Without the other kids to impress, he became a star student by doing all the work and consistently participating.

Olyvia Kozicki,

4th grade teacher

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

My students want to edit their work. After they write they will say, ‘Look at my work! What should I do to fix it?’. I always dreamt students would be open to editing and now they seek it. And I’m so impressed by the discourse. My students are mostly Spanish-speaking and are now able to state their ideas during discourse before writing.

Quincy Barnes,

4th grade teacher

Hawking STEAM Charter Schools

“My students loved the science. When I would say science is on Monday, they would cheer every time. Each video lesson contained a complete experiment, with time to discuss and write. One lesson experimented with planting food waste. One boy, curiously, planted his food waste. It sprouted a bean plant! Every day he brought it to class to show off its growth. His excitement has been contagious!"

Jessica Connell,

5th grade teacher

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

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