How it works

Award-winning Mentor Teachers, beamed to thousands of students nationally, teach collaboratively with Partner Teachers in virtual classrooms across America.

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The Mentor Teacher kicks off the class.

Here, the third-grade Mentor Teacher appears before all the third-grade classes nationally. The partner teacher is in the upper right, joined by all the students in her class.

The Mentor Teacher interacts with the showcase students.

The Mentor Teacher is always joined by the showcase students, a diverse group of three to five students, who are learning alongside children across America. The ideas and questions they raise are likely to be shared by their peers (on the right side of the screen) in classrooms everywhere.

The Partner Teacher takes over.

The Partner Teacher takes it from here, sustaining the discussion and monitoring in real time the work students are producing from home. Break-out rooms allow for small-group work and individual instruction. At the end of the class, the Mentor Teacher returns to underscore the lesson's takeaways.

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