Bring back fun

Learning is more than academics. Explore yoga. Dance to a new beat. Learn to code. Play chess. Speak a new language. And much more. 

Enrichment offerings

Integrate accelerated learning with energizing enrichments. Build your own offerings. Or choose from ours.

Make your own.

Students crave connection and community. Develop safe and fun activities. Outdoor sports and games. Art and crafts. Robotics. Wherever your creativity takes you.

We support you in offering your own array of enrichments tailored to your students’ needs and interests, the ideas of your staff members, and the resources of your community.

Or choose from ours.

Students can pursue their passions with the best of online enrichments. Chess. World languages. Art. Coding. And much more from our curated selection of best-of-class learning and activity sites.

Early literacy

Springboard Collaborative and Cadence team up.

At more than 100 sites nationally, nonprofit Springboard Learning is transforming how students learn to read. Now Cadence and Springboard are offering a complete K-8 accelerated learning solution for districts and schools everywhere this summer.

Springboard coaches teachers and parents to set goals together, practice evidence-based reading strategies, measure progress, and celebrate success. Harness the untapped potential in family engagement. Close the gap to grade-level performance. Join us this summer.

Life on Earth

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a fantastic resource for students to use to explore their interests and follow their curiosities. Introduce the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth with videos, games, and more.


Tate Art Kids

Children use their vivid imaginations exploring and creating art. The Tate Kids art gallery of children’s art inspire creativity and invites to post their own work.



Children learn or improve their game through entertaining lessons and games. Set up a chess club or let students learn on their own. Security controls allow you to limit players to trusted friends.



Now every student in every school can have the opportunity to explore computer science. Students learn to code through games, videos, fun tutorials and projects.

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