Your needs met

Whether you are a district, network, charter school, or microschool, our program can comprehensively address your needs.

Virtual school

All students are educated virtually for the year.

Short-term virtual education

Students attend virtually until school buildings reopen.

Hybrid schooling by day of week

All students receive in-person or virtual instruction by day of the week.

Hybrid schooling by grade

Some grades are educated virtually and others in-person.

Parent option or medical needs

Parents elect for their children to attend school virtually, or children require it.


In each of these applications, our offering includes:

  • Pre-launch training that prepares all teachers for success with distance learning

  • Two core thinking skills classes: ELA (Novel Studies + Close Reading) and Math Stories

  • Two-times weekly professional development led by the grade’s Mentor Teachers focus on Intellectual Preparation and Looking at Student Work

  • Best-of-class Student-Directed Learning platforms (SDLs) in ELA and math

  • Vibrant enrichment offerings in science, dance, yoga, world languages, and music

  • Tech platform of Zoom for Education and Google for Education—or use your own

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